Art is a fluid expression of how one perceives reality, a mirrored lens of the internal. Each piece an artist creates evokes an ever fluid perspective, an experience of being a human in that moment. It is highly personal and offers glimpses into the artists rich and ever changing mind. Each work in the present represents where one is. Some pieces become outdated but never unloved for they uncover a story, a progression through time.

To live one's life is an art. To live life consciously, refining every moment into an elevated expression of being a human. Recreating beauty in each snapshot, interaction, relationship, though fleeting, becomes ever lasting, self perpetuating. I hope to catch a glimpse of this through what I paint, the natural world, the things I love that love me back.

"With art comes empathy. It allows us to look through someone else's eyes and know their strivings and struggles. It expands the moral imagination and makes it impossible to accept the dehumanization of others. When we are without art, we are a diminished people — myopic, unlearned, and cruel."
— Dave Eggers

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