past longings

it is from the past that i get the wisdom of my present, revealing my ever changing landscape, showing me when to let go and how to grow.

silent moon

Acrylic on wood 12x36

umber sunrise

Acrylic on wood 20x20


Acrylic on wood 12x36


Acrylic on wood 12x36

summer bloom

Acrylic on wood 12x24

autumn valley

Acrylic on wood 2 x 12x36


Acrylic on wood 24x36


Acrylic on wood 24x36

Piscean Moon

Acrylic on wood 12x24

winter sunrise

Acrylic on wood 3 x 12x12

melting lake

Acrylic on wood 12x36

autumn reflections

Acrylic on canvas 24x36

in the land of the living i am free. surrounded by the lush valleys and peaks, the oceanic depths, the plants, her creatures, the sun and the moon, the ever perpetuating and constantly shifting symphony for my pleasure. i owe her my world.

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